It’s all about the attitude!


Throughout our lives, we have set goals and created to-do lists. Some of those goals and items listed are more tedious and time consuming than others.Some take great effort and additional skills. Some bring joy and some are a necessary evil.

We have found what differentiates a joyful task and one that is not may get down to attitude. In the past few months, we have been challenged with new criteria, new protocols and new procedures. Some of the procedures are a necessary evil. No matter what, we are committed to the goal of creating a clean and safe environment for you to continue to receive chiropractic adjustments. No matter what, we should learn from credible sources what are our best ways for keeping ourselves healthy. No matter what, we should make the decisions that are best for our selves and our families which does not necessarily mean it’s at the expense of others.

You’ve heard us repeatedly say, take the steps to improve the host, which is YOU! Choose better food options. Eat more fruits and vegetables and less processed food. Exercise more! Walking is one of the best ways to keep active. Visit your chiropractor on a regular basis. Those that get adjusted enjoy a better functioning body. Have you noticed all the people who are in their 90s who get adjusted in our office? They are very active, have a positive attitude, enjoy a body that is functioning at its best- and they look like they’re at least ten years younger!

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