Change is good, isn’t it?


These past few months have been different and certainly not what we expected for 2020. We have changed our ways of thinking, changed how we work and shop, changed how we interact with others (I think this bothers me the most – I miss hugs and handshakes) and we miss seeing smiles. Sometimes it feels like time has stood still. Other times, it feels like time has flown by.

Our children are young adults. We have been blessed to know many of our practice members for decades and we love seeing you, your children and now, your grandchildren. Everyone said time flies. Well, it certainly does. And it can change on a dime!

We can be so focused on the future. There’s certainly something to be said for setting goals, having a five year plan, etc., but let’s not miss the present with our loved ones. Change is inevitable. We can either focus on the inability to continue as we thought planned or we can reset and refocus based on our new direction.

There’s more than one way to get where you need to go. Enjoy the ride. Change is good, isn’t it?

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