The nights have been cooler and the days have been clear and crisp. Our office door has been open and we’ve been enjoying the fresh air. We welcome the change of season and look forward to the colorful leaves.

I recently visited a friend who is a chiropractor and who has been getting adjusted since he was sixteen years old. Back in July, he was riding his bicycle and was hit by a car. He sustained many fractures especially in his pelvis, had many surgeries and was told it would take up to six months before he would walk without a cane, walker or other assistance. The injuries were compounded by the fact the driver left the scene of the accident and left my friend on the side of the road. So, why am I telling you this story?

My friend has defied the odds. He is out of the hospital, completed his stay in rehab and his pelvis has completely healed. He uses a cane on occasion but is able to ambulate unassisted. The surgeon, while looking at the pre and post x-rays, kept shaking his head in disbelief and amazement. He had never seen someone heal so quickly as my friend. After some conversation, the surgeon agreed that chiropractic adjustments and a healthy lifestyle contributed to his positive outcome.

So, I ask you…“are you seeking chiropractic care just for your aching back or neck or are you investing in a healthier and better functioning you?” We invite you to maintain a regular schedule of visits for you and your family. It truly makes a difference. The office door is open (literally, as often as possible) and although the leaves are changing, we are here to provide consistent chiropractic adjustments.

Stop by during hours or call 732-929-3322 to schedule your next visit.

Dr. Daria
Dr. Joe

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