Let’s find the silver lining….

silver lining

As another year rapidly comes to a close, we are presented with many opportunities to reflect on the past and to plan for new beginnings.

2020 has given us many challenges, some that we have never experienced before, as well as many chances to count our blessings. Some of us have lost family members, some have had health challenges, some have had changes in employment and some have had financial loss. Through these losses, we can either dwell on the negative or we can find the silver lining and the lesson.

If we are asked to slow down, change jobs, grieve a loss or pinch our pennies, maybe the lesson is to appreciate what we lost and more importantly, appreciate and cherish what and who we still have in our lives.

We appreciate all of our practice members and cherish our friendships. Whether you have been with us for days, months or years, we value the opportunity to serve you.

Here’s to 2021! May we be challenged, may we be blessed and may we acknowledge those around us who bring us joy.

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