Happy February!


Well, we survived the first snowfall of 2023! Were you happy it was just a dusting? Were you disappointed that it wasn’t shovel worthy?Do you like to admire snow from afar or do you like to be knee deep? Everyone has a preference.

I have had multiple conversations this past week about chiropractic and our practice. Some commented that they were seeing new faces which led to a discussion of why families and especially children seek chiropractic. We love to check and adjust children from birth throughout their teen years and beyond. The birth process can often lead to vertebral subluxations and only a chiropractor can adjust them. The baby rests on their parent and we apply very gentle pressure. The baby often exhales deeply like a sigh of relief.

As the infant grows, it will plop down on it’s butt several hundred times as it learns to walk. He will fall when riding his bike, slip on icy steps, fall out of bed, get bumped while playing sports, etc. These seemingly minor mishaps can subluxate their spine and create tension, lack of ease, and miscommunication from their brain to their body parts. Don’t you think having a chiropractic check-up makes perfect sense? This carries over to the adults who have not only physical stresses but emotional and chemical as well.

Another conversation revealed that that person had been a patient with us for over 20 years and remembers when we started our family. There are some of you that have been with us since the 1980s. We have multiple generations of several families getting adjusted. Some of your baby pictures are on the wall and now you bring your babies to us. Congratulations and Thank You for trusting us with your care. You certainly understand the need and benefit of regular spinal adjustments.

Now, there are some that have experienced chiropractic on the short term. You stayed for a visit or two, maybe even a month and although one adjustment is better than none, I invite you to return and experience the long term benefits of chiropractic.

I invite you to be knee deep in chiropractic and not just admire it from afar. It truly can be life changing.

See you on your next visit.

Dr. Daria

Dr. Joe

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