The month of March brings with it so many promises of new beginnings.
You’ve heard the sayings of “March Forth”“March into Wellness”“March Madness” and “Spring Ahead” just to name a few. Not only is March a month of my favorite season of the year it is also a verb.

March! Get up and move around. We have been so sedentary sitting in front of the computer for work or school these last months. We are compressing our spines and, in my opinion, our spirit.

Set a timer and remind yourself to stand, march in place, climb a flight of steps and even go outside. Take a walk and breathe. There are times when I feel like we have been holding our breath and have this huge weight on our shoulders. Turn off the TV, go outside, meet a friend and admire the beauty that is around us.

Spring is a time for new beginnings. Now is a great time to appreciate what we have and lift our spirits. Having your spine checked for vertebral subluxations is a great way to lift the pressure of every day life and allow your body to express its beauty. Stop by during hours and bring your family. Happy Spring!

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