March into a better you!

Hello March

Spring is right around the corner! With warmer weather and longer days in our future, we encourage you to slow down and appreciate the beauty of your surroundings. 

Start with your family members and thank them for all that they do and encourage them to take better care of themselves. Take walks and notice the buds on the trees and flowers and appreciate their awakening. Chew your food slowly and really take notice of the taste and texture. Choose more fruits and vegetables when snacking. Do more for yourself. It’s not selfish to put yourself first. Get the sleep that you need, the food that your body requires, the attitude that allows you to respond rather than react and the exercise your body craves.

Of course, we strongly suggest you continue to have your spines checked for vertebral subluxation. Subluxations choke off the vital life energy needed to live your best life. When subluxated, you may not rest completely, digest your food properly, have a positive attitude or be able to move properly. 
March! It’s not only the name of the month but the reminder to get up and move. Every step counts, and it counts towards a better you.

See you and your family on your next visit.

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