Love (and snow) is in the air!


As I sit here and type, we are experiencing our first snow storm of the year. My daughter is extremely excited and has been walking around the house stating repeatedly, “I love snow!”.

I know some of my friends have baked chocolate chip cookies today. They bake every time it snows. I don’t even have to check social media for the post that proves their action. Others have already taken pictures of the snowfall. Others have been cooking up a storm and me, well, I made chicken soup.

There are rituals and expected behaviors in all of us. We find comfort in our traditions that we share with our family and our friends. Most of our traditions are rooted in the love we share for each other.

February is the month we celebrate Valentine’s Day. We are encouraged to buy flowers, chocolate, jewelry and other trinkets to show our love. Personally, I think we should show our love every day in ways that will make an actual difference. How about sitting with someone and having a conversation? Telling stories and laughing as we reminisce? Washing the dishes without being asked to do it and other random acts of kindness? And, of course, how about introducing the benefits of chiropractic to someone who has never been adjusted?We are always available to answer questions and explain chiropractic to your family member, friend and neighbor. It is what we love to do.

Please call ahead if you are unsure if the office is open. Check our Facebook page and check your email. We will make a decision by 9:00am if there’s a change in hours.

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