Give thanks for what you get to do…

give thanks

Happy November!

It this season, we are prompted to “give thanks”. Many people have been challenged beyond what they have ever experienced before during these last few months. Many have complained because they have to do this or they have to do that. Others have seemed to go with the flow.

We have been advised to stay apart, to not physically touch, to wear a mask, to eat outside or limit the restaurant capacity for indoor dining. We have cancelled weddings and postponed vacations. We have returned to the gyms to exercise with limits and new sanitation rules to follow.

Now, we can focus on all the negative and what we “have to do” or we can focus on the positive and embrace what we “get to do”. We still get to wave, smile and talk to our family and friends. We can still sit and enjoy a meal or a cup of coffee with loved ones – it may just involve a reservation or some advanced planning. We can still vacation but it may mean being just a few hours away from home rather than a flight across the pond. Maybe weddings are supposed to be small and intimate and not cost fifty thousand dollars. We still get to exercise. Taking a walk, dancing or utilizing yoga videos may just be very rewarding for you. Either way, you can still go to the gym. You just get to follow some rules and clean your equipment.

Here’s other examples of what we get to do. We get to chose our attitude. We get to chose a healthier selection of foods with better nutritional value to prepare. We get to go to bed earlier and get better sleep. We get to go outside and get some sun and breathe the fresh air. We get to have our spines checked for vertebral subluxations because they limit our expression of life.

We know some have lost their loved ones recently and this season is difficult. We can absolutely say we feel your pain and are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers and if there is anything we can do for you, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are here for a reason and we support you.

We “give thanks” for you and your support. We “give thanks” for your trust and your confidence,

Thanksgiving will look different for some.
Keep focused on what you still “get to do”.

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Give thanks for what you get to do…

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