I can not believe it is the beginning of August already! Time certainly does fly. We recently celebrated my father-in-law’s 86th birthday and are planning for our children to begin another school year.

This month will be filled with travel, excitement, anxiety and promises of new beginnings as we move our children to There have been many discussions, many Google searches and lots of planning. This bit of preparation has allowed for goals to be realized. With that being said, please take note of this month’s calendar as there are a few changes.

Planning has always been necessary for me to accomplish my goals. I have only visited the beach once this summer because I planned and scheduled for it ahead of time. Like anything else, if you make a plan you have a better chance of a positive outcome.

Our office gives you the flexibility to have am appointment day rather than an appointment time. Most people succeed with keeping their schedule and getting their spine checked on a regular basis. Others need a little help. May I suggest you plan your appointment and actually schedule it in your planner or calendar or even set a reminder in your phone.

Thank you for your patience with the construction in our parking lot. We look forward to seeing you on your next visit.
Dr. DariaDr. Joe

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