Are you seeing clearly?


As most of you already know, I recently had cataract surgery on my left eye. I knew my vision was compromised and driving at night was becoming more of an issue. I recruited family and friends to be the drivers after sundown and relied on “cheaters” more and more. I had had trauma to my left eye as a teen and that event accelerated my need of surgical intervention.

All along, I thought my overall vision was still acceptable during the day with adequate lighting. Boy, was I wrong! After the surgery, I am now more aware of my surroundings; the vividness of colors, the sharpness of objects and even the unevenness of the walls of my bathroom that I painted in July are more apparent. I had learned, without my true awareness, to accept and adapt to my surroundings. Over the course of time, I had become accustomed to accepting less than 100% as my normal.

Have we, as a society, become accustomed to accepting less than 100%? Has the decline in our ability to function been so gradual that we don’t even notice it until we reach a certain threshold? Is it only after someone takes the time and explains that there are options available to maybe not only improve subjective complaints but, more importantly, improve objective function that we even see the potential in front of us?

Change takes effort. Healing takes time. We invite you to continue to invest in yourselves and have your spine checked and adjusted on a regular basis. Take the time to explain to your loved ones that chiropractic is about improving function. Change their vision of what they think is acceptable. It truly makes a difference.

Happy October.

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